In Search of Sri Jayatirtha Brindavana Book 2

Book 2 cover page

The issue of Sri Jayatirtha’s Brindavana location is as important as the study of his Nyaya Sudha. Theologically, Mādhvas are the staunch followers of ‘saguNopAsana’ and revere all types of physical insignia or monuments that are associated with the Gods and enlightened souls. In ‘saguNOpAsana’ as the physical world can’t be disassociated with philosophy, the search for the original location of Sri Jayatirtha’s Brindavana shall become part and parcel of Sādhana. And hence the present on-going researches can’t be termed as ‘waste of time’ or ‘frivolous, petty job’ as described by some disgruntled voices. In order to save ourselves from ‘mithyOpAsana’ such researches shall become imperative and important from time to time.



By keeping this need of the hour in view, an eBook titled “In Search of Sri Jayatirtha’s Brindavana” was published in MadhvaHistory.com on 16/08/2015. This eBook has been received well by the enthusiasts and history lovers. This book has achieved more than 540 downloads within 25 days of its publishing confirming the fact that the modern day Maadhvas are not insensitive to their glorious past but are deeply concerned to have clean history devoid of blemishes and jingoism.

As a number of topics need to be discussed threadbare and the explanations of which can’t be comprehended in a single-take, the whole context has been divided in to individual topics which have been further arranged into meaningful chapters and thereafter being published as eBooks. The present eBook is second in the series that discusses a particular context of the on-going “In Search of Sri Jayatirtha’s Brindavana.”

In this eBook, an exclusive study of the first paper manuscript of Sri NT has been taken up to gain proper insight of its contents.

I felt that a dedicated eBook is highly essential for the readers to understand the criticality of the document-in-question i.e. Sri Nārayana T’s first paper manuscript, its contents and the conflicts that it creates for a genuine enthusiast. It becomes fundamental to understand the veracity of this manuscript as it is not neutral in nature but explicitly supports Malkhed argument. Therefore an impartial scrutiny of these documents is required to remove wishy-washy usage of them.

I appeal to the seekers of truth to deploy their own reasoning and logic to come to a rational conclusion on the location of Sri Jayatirtha’s brindavana in light of the contents provided herein.

C. Raghothama Rao

Download this file (In Search of Sri Jayatirtha Brindavana 2.pdf)In Search of Sri Jayatirtha Brindavana Book 2In Search of Sri Jayatirtha Brindavana Book 21339

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