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[As told by Sri Vidya Vijaya Tirtha Sripadaru of Sri Vyasaraja Matha-Sosale]

The Bell in Hanuman's tail - is an interesting feature that can be seen not just in Vyasa-Anjaneya pratima-s but also in many pratima-s across Bharata bhUmi. I have learnt one legend associated with it from elders.

Here is the legend...

Recently there came a write-up which has been introduced to the public as ‘official statement from UM.’ 

Following are my observations on the said official statement & these observations are limited to the historical antecedents mentioned therein.


As there were few allegations that the present subject-matter i.e. the ‘disputed’ story that went viral has been woven by a present pontiff of a particular Matha. In order to reject such allegations, the official statement of the said Matha tried to prove that the story is quite old and dates back to 1970s or even before that. Following references have been cited in the write-up:

  1. ‘Madhusudana Saraswati Charitam’ by an Advaita scholar Damodaraashrama. Published in 1994 by Delhi Sahitya Academy.
  2. ‘Vyasacharitre mattu Vimarshe’ (History of Vyasa & Its Criticism/Review) by V.N. Deshikacharya. Published in 1971.
  3. Mahamahopadhyaya Abhyankara Vasudeva Sastry who mentioned the story in one of his writings.
  4. ‘Kaashi kaa Panditya Paramparaa’ (Literary Lineage of Kashi) a Hindi book by Acharya Baladeva Upadhyaya. Published in 1983 by Varanasi University.

According to the author of the ‘official statement’ all the above works carry the ‘disputed’ story albeit with some alterations here & there. 

For the benefit of non-Kannada readers, let me present the gist of each reference in English.

Recently, an audio clip that contained a legend associated with a popular polemical work titled Advaita Siddhi written by Madhusudana Saraswati from Sankara’s Advaita School gone viral. This Advaita Siddhi is a rebuttal of Vyasatirtha’s Nyanamruta.

Here is a translation (not verbatim but the essence of the speech).


2016 is the third successive year into which I am carrying the “Search of Sri Jayatirtha’s Brindavana” by adding the new found evidences and facts.

This latest series of articles to be published under a common title “In Search of Jayatirtha’s Brindavana – Addendum 2016” shall be dealing with the following topics:

  1. The objections raised by Mr. Narahari Sumadhwa on my 3rd book on the said topic.
  2. The Facebook discussion initiated by Mr. Vishwapriya Anand Vedagarbha on Dasara Padagalu.

I have tried my level best to provide as many evidences and facts as possible and put the efforts to focus on the core topic than getting sidelined by the hatred or bias.